Red Teaming

Red Team Testing?

Red team testing is a multi-blended, simulated attack orchestrated from the perspective of a bad guy or group of bad guys. The objective is to realistically simulate a virtual and physical security attack and attempt to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by bad actors.

While a red team engagement is an offensive attack simulation typically conducted by a third-party organization, it is sometimes juxtaposed with a “blue team,” or defensive team responsible for defending against red teamers and actual attackers alike. Sometimes, when both teams are working on an engagement together, it may be called purple teaming.

Why ? Conduct A Red Team Test.

Red team testing can give you valuable insight into the security posture of your various, diverse assets so you’re able to take steps to correct them before hackers are able to cause serious damage by exploiting them.

Do not wait until the real world cyber criminal attacks your organizational network to find the security gaps. Our Red Team Assessment service let you perform a real world live firing attack on your network to identify and fix the loopholes in your defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a red team exercise?

Performed by a team of qualified ethical hackers, a red team exercise leverages the latest hacking tools and techniques to launch a simulated cyber-attack designed to thoroughly test an organisation’s security robustness as well as threat detection and response capabilities.

What is the difference between pen testing and red teaming?

A penetration test is a focused form of cyber security assessment designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, often just a few days. Pen tests are often performed to assess specific areas such as networks and web applications.

A Red Team Operation is an extended form of engagement conducted over a period of weeks and designed to achieve a set objective such as data exfiltration, and in the process test an organisation’s detection and response capabilities. Unlike many forms of Penetration Testing, Red Team Operations are conducted to a black-box methodology in order to ensure that engagements accurately reflect the approach of genuine attackers.

How long does it take to conduct a red teaming operation?

The duration of a Red Team Operation is dependent upon the scope and objective(s) of the exercise. A full end-to-end red team engagement is typically performed over one to two months however specific scenario-based operations with a narrower focus

Could a red team operation cause any damage or disruption?

Unlike genuine cyber-attacks, Red Team Operations are designed to be non-destructive and non-disruptive. By choosing a CREST accredited provider of ethical hacking services, you can be sure that all engagements will be carried out in line with pre-agreed rules of engagement and the highest technical, legal and ethical standards.